Dramatis Personae (some spoilers here)

There are a fair number of characters in the story. Here are those who have appeared or been mentioned so far:

Marsh’s Family

Marsh Steen
The story’s protagonist
Tina Steen
Marsh’s sister
Miriam Steen
Marsh and Tina’s mother
Arthur Steen
Marsh and Tina’s father
Marsh and Tina’s cousin
Marsh and Tina’s cousin

Marsh’s friends and acquaintances at home

Chad Barnes
The Steen’s next-door neighbor and Marsh’s high school classmate
Dirk Simon
Marsh’s high school classmate
Tim “Timmy” Jeffries
Marsh’s high school classmate
Dinah Eisenstadt
Marsh’s high school classmate
Cherise Souter
Marsh’s high school classmate
Madison “Maddy” Willingham
Marsh’s high school classmate
Mrs. Barnes
Chad’s mother
Jeremy Barker
A boy whose sister is in the same girls choir as Tina

Cast and Crew of The Mousetrap

Alvin Tomlinson
Cheryl Yeats
Nikki Forsberg
Costume Mistress (also Alvin’s girlfriend)
Bill Bradshaw
Props Master
Jared Milner
Actor, plays “Giles Ralston”
Peter Engelmann
Actor, plays “Mr Paravicini”
Naomi Katz
Actress, plays “Miss Casewell”
Josephine “Jo” Perez
Actress, play “Mrs. Boyle”
Actor, plays “Detective Sergeant Trotter”

Marsh’s dining companions

Lee Ann Taylor
Marsha’s roommate
Theresa “Terry” Baldwin
Marsha’s roommate
Jay Fowler
Junior in the Physics department who scoffs at the idea of time-travel
A boy who has flirted with Marsha

Chandraki “Chandra” Kumar
Lee Ann’s best girlfriend




Marshall’s friends at Piques

Marshall’s roommate
Marshall’s roommate
Marshall’s roommate
Becca Sassler
Mike’s girlfriend
Ted Carpenter

Tommy Ng

Vicky Gordon
Marshall’s ex-girlfriend
Marshall’s ex-girlfriend

Other Piques students

Terry’s boyfriend
Ben Forsberg
Nikki’s brother
Marsh’s bio lab partner
Ian Carter
A co-founder of Strangers in the Mirror
Luke Granger
Ian’s roommate, and co-founder of Strangers in the Mirror
Stan Warrik
Noted for being able to pick locks
Vicky’s roommate
Vicky’s roommate
A member of Strangers in the Mirror
Allie Anderson
Another member of Strangers in the Mirror, and Dan’s girlfriend
Eric Anderson
Allie’s brother, a senior in the physics department
Allie’s roommate
Seth Groner
A friend of Vicky’s, who is in her art course and Marsh’s Organic Chemistry lecture
Kevin Perez
A friend of Vicky
Bill Tendler
A friend of Geoff


Lee Ann’s off-campus boyfriend
Mr. Condrin
Marsh and Tina’s high school drama teacher
George Cracraft
Reporter for the Weekly Messenger who wrote an article claiming that students at Piques had been changed by a time-travel experiment
Marnie Woodcock
A student at Tina’s high school
Professor Davis
Remembered by some as a physics professor and the head of the experiment which caused all the trouble
Professor Morton Davis
Another professor in the physics department with a similar name
Phillip Davidson
Another professor in the physics department with a similar name
Former Piques student who got married right after graduation; performed in Alvin Tomlinson’s plays.
Robert Peterson
Associate Dean of Student Affairs; a former classmate of Arthur Steen
Cary Helman
Jay’s date for opening night of The Mousetrap


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